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We are a one stop shop that will provide instruction pertaining to financial literacy & wealth, entrepreneurship and career & personal development. We will be the premier educational business, the... More

We help students and parents prepare for private, boarding schools and college. More

Rashad Phillips is a tax accountant, small business advisor, educator, and an Award Winning Journalist who is passionate about sharing his expertise with individuals, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and... More

As an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, we enjoy the opportunity to partner with individual investors on creating and implementing strategies that work toward specific goals that we set together. Whether... More

We offer 2D,3D,4D and the new HD Live technology. See your baby, gender reveal,determine position, and receive keepsakes! More

We’ve been providing families and businesses around the Charlotte area with exceptional cleaning services for over a year, and we’re excited about the opportunity to serve you. Whether you’re looking... More

What we do is organize around solutions to some of our greatest climate justice issues. Through education, workshops, panels, art, and culture we engage the communities that we work in... More

We like to think of our company as providing platforms for purpose. Now what does that actually mean? That means that we use different entertainment platforms as an opportunity to... More

Grace-Mar Services, Inc. provides education, counseling and professional networks to displaced workers, minorities and low-to-moderate income families in the areas of financial literacy, job readiness/placement and self-empowerment. More

A complete solution including deals and text message marketing.Turn those paper punch cards into custom mobile punch cards that customers can keep on them at all times.For those businesses that... More



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